Swimming Pool Covers

Automatic and manual covers available for indoor or outdoor swimming pools, domestic and commercial.

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Coverstar Automatic Safety Cover

Weight bearing for supreme safety

Safety is naturally a concern for those buying a pool. This is where Coverstar comes into its own, as it is more than capable of supporting people should they walk on it. A Coverstar cover also prevents leaves, dirt and debris from getting into your pool whilst retaining the heat and chemicals, saving up to 70% on heating and chemical costs. With less time to worry about safety and maintenance you'll have more time to enjoy your swimming pool.

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Roldeck Automatic Cover

Perfect for pool renovations

The Roldeck automatic pool cover is the ultimate for heat insulation, evaporation control, durability and aesthetic appearance. Made up of interlocking sections similar to a venetian blind, each section simulates a double glazing system. A distinct advantage is that the rain water will pass through the cover, and will not collect on top requiring removal by pump. Roldeck covers are individually made specifically for your pool requirements.

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Walu Deck Cover

Unlimited range of styles

The Walu Deck is both a timber deck and a safety cover, but most of all it is a space optimiser. Suitable for year round use, the Walu Deck can be used as a play area or outdoor dining area over the pool. When the pool is needed the deck easily rolls open and becomes surround decking to the pool. The deck closes completely and is entirely rigid with modules which roll together. It needs no electrical connections and is easy and quick to install - finished in an attractive, hard wearing high quality timber.

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Walu Starlight Cover

State of the art pool design

The Walu Starlight cover is an enhanced version of the Evolution model. The support poles are inversed so the half-round suspends beneath the cover giving a more aesthetically pleasing look to the visible cover surface. The end of the support poles are formed with flattened profiles which allows for a closer and flatter fit to the coping stones. The main benefit of these features however is that the inversed poles mean that the cover is easier to handle, with both the winding and un-winding being smoother operations.

Case Studies

Some of our work
Aqualeaf Walu Case Study
Introducing the Walu

With two young children the family naturally didn’t want to compromise on safety so they chose Certikin’s highly versatile Walu safety cover.

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Aqualeaf and Coverstar Case Study
The Hero of all Covers

Add a family of children and a handful of pets to a brand new swimming pool and you'll want automatic safety cover that is as stylish as it is safe.

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Aqualeaf and Certikin Caser Study
Through to the Walu

8 weeks from excavation to the completion of this beautiful new pool in Wiltshire, built from scratch using Certikin equipment from top to bottom.

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