Swimming Pool Heating

Keeping your pool in perfect condition.
Environmentally friendly

Maximum efficiency, reliability and are highly recommended throughout the industry


These pumps come in various size ranges reaching temperatures from 28 to 32°.

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Modular Design

Oil, gas and electric heaters options

Lots of features

Easily serviced and maintained - full range of sizes are available, and also suitable for salt water pools.

Swimming Pool Ventilation

Vital for the comfort and enjoyment of your indoor pool giving you a dry and warm environment.
Vaporex Air Handling Unit

An electrical heating element for warm air; can be connected to a low pressure water system, with built-in defrost mechanism.

Monitair Environmental Air Handling Unit

A powerful heat recovery dehumidifier for floor mounting; installed through the wall of plant room or in pool hall.

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Variheat 1 Air Handling Unit

High capacity dehumidification and warm air for use with distribution ductwork.

Calorex Delta Air Handling Unit

An intelligent fresh air dehumidifier and ventilation system with dynamic heat pump energy recovery to swimming pool air and water.